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Why I started gigging as a One-Man band!

Updated: Apr 15

Playing with other musicians is a great experience but being able to do a full show on your own is empowering and fun. After many cancelled rehearsals and mismatched diaries I decided to embark on the trip of playing all on my Tod, as they say in London.

There are many challenges to playing on your own- humping all your equipment solo and multi-tasking on instruments to name a few.

My One-man band rig features harmonica(on a rack), guitar, foot tambourine and a unique drum made out of a 70's Samsonite suitcase (a major bonus after a festival show when you can quickly shove all your gear in the case and hop off the stage before the next act wants to soundcheck).

Bizarrely I follow in a tradition of One-Man bands living in Brentford on boats with the infamous Don Partridge also once living nearby on a fine old vessel.

Being a solo troubadour is great. I don't worry about band politics, musical differences or annoying each other in the tour van. I'm a self contained artist responsible for my own destiny.

see you at a gig soon.....


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